Friday, June 03, 2005

You Gotta Fight, for their Right, to Gyrate

Jim Hightower, syndicated columnist to the Illinois Times, is usually slinging cow patties at the Bush administration. But this week it’s them dadgum varmints in the Texas legislature that got his dander up, but good.

The Texas House went and passed a measure to intervene when high school cheerleaders start prancing around all sexy-like. Jimbo fears that it won’t be long before the “pompom police” take to the stands with their “binoculars trained on the teen bottoms”, just waiting to call in the po-lice. What they don’t know is ol’ Jim’s already got those backsides covered, watching every “twitch and jiggle.” Only he ain’t going to be issuing no cease and desist orders if you know what I mean.

I actually agree with Hightower that the Texas lawmakers are overreaching here. But it’s hard for a gentleman of his age to take up this issue without sounding more than a little pervy. He should stick to his usual act of bashing the president. It’s growing predictable and his cowboy wisdom doesn’t really work on me, but at least I won’t be left with this disgusted feeling.

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