Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Dancing About Architecture

Jim Leach had the director and some of the cast from the Muni’s upcoming production of Ragtime on his show this morning to talk about the popular musical. Talking about a musical? Isn’t the whole raison d'etre of musicals so that people can break into song at the drop of a damn hat? Yet there was nary a lyrical response to any of Leach’s questions, nor did Leach invite them to go ahead and take one from the top. If you want to promote a musical, let’s hear some music for land’s sake.

Speaking of adding a little song to to the verbal tangoing that often characterizes talk radio, here’s an idea. Maybe Leach could write a libretto on the 183rd's fate and then do an entire segment on the subject as a tragic opera, with guests and callers required to comment melodiously. To my knowledge, neither Rush or Al Franken have attempted an operatic interpretation of their shows so this is a great opportunity for Leach to break some new ground and best the big boys.

I do think, by the way, think that the 183rd story will not have a happy ending. Greg Blankenship's guest op/ed piece in today's SJ-R provides a voice of reason, at least in respect to finding new economic uses for the existing facilities. I'm sure those directly affected by the realignment don't think much of his "this may be a blessing" point of view. And others may scoff at his suggestion that we don't second-guess our military leadership (Rumsfield). But he's the first, that I've heard or read, to point out the changing nature of military aviation or to explore the options available to Springfield based on similar closures in the past.

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