Thursday, June 23, 2005

Is John Edward mediating?

From today’s SJ-R Arts and Entertainment section:

Late composer Cy Coleman, cabaret singer Andrea Marcovicci and actor George Chakiris will be interviewed in two separate segments today on WQNA-FM 88.3.
I’ve heard that Coleman has become quite reclusive in his afterlife and is no longer making public appearances so snagging an interview with him is a real feather in WQNA host Ty Brando’s cap. Unless of course, they mean:

Interviews with late composer Cy Coleman . . . will air in two separate segments today on WQNA-FM 88.3.
In which case, interviewing Coleman pre-postpartum was probably much easier to arrange with his publicist, but it does diminish the possibility of unlocking some of life’s deepest mysteries.


Dave said...

I love WQNA! Be nice.

BlogFreeSpringfield said...

I'm a WQNA fan as well. I'm especially fond of Acyrlic Afternoons and the guy who likes Hunter S. Thompson who use to be on Saturday afternoons but now is on Sunday evenings.

Anonymous said...

Pre-postpartum? I didn't know he was pregnant.