Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Denney Jewelers: Fresh and Full of Life

It seems that whoever is behind the Denney Jeweler ads that run on WMAY have copped a page from the Mentos commercials that ran in the 90s. Not that the ads are similar in style, but they both induce such a “what the hell was that?” reaction that they must have come from the same idiosyncratic school of advertising that dictates that peculiarity is the key to message retention. I’m guessing that this particular advertising philosophy has its roots in the German new wave of the 80s that was parodied on SNL with the Sprockets skit (although that may have been a dead-on reenactment rather than a parody.) They’re actually quite brilliant. I can’t remember a single ad I heard or saw all day save the one with a Tom Poston sound-alike going on nostalgically about an engagement ring. He actually played it fairly straight in this ad and didn’t even deliver his signature line (woka, woka) and I was still captivated by the subliminal weirdness of it all.


Russ said...

Those ads are genius.

Horrible in a way that you can't stop listening - radio trainwrecks. Whenever I hear that guy's voice, I turn up the volume - hoping to hear a 'waka waka' moment.
On a related note, have you heard the Mike Wilson "mold man" spot? Every bit as uncomfortably hillarious. Johnny Molson should be the only one allowed to do voices.

Anonymous said...

These ads serve to remind me of the technological wonder of the pushbutton radio tuner. As soon as I hear the first signature utterances of one of these cornball mini-soaps I hit the button on my radio, transporting me to some other talk universe. I'm sure the Denney family are nice people, but someone should stop this abuse of the public airways. Maybe waka waka could be more effectively used for another purpose, Gitmo for instance.

CaptainPlaceholder said...

Those commercials make me reach for the "knob" almost as fast as the adventures of the tooth fairy.

Anonymous said...

Those commercials are the most nauseating things on the air. I'm surprised Denney is paying for them. I agree with captainplaceholder 100%! (A close runner-up are those goofy "adventures of the toothfairy" garbage. Those send me to public radio almost as quickly!)