Wednesday, June 29, 2005

My publicist finally earned her paycheck

Thanks to Dave Bakke for mentioning my blog in his column today along with drawing attention to all of the interesting things going on in the Springfield blogosphere. It's nice to get some MSM attention from the print side to go along with Jim Leach's efforts to promote local bloggers over the airwaves. Now if I can only get Gus Gordon to wear a BlogFreeSpringfield cap while he delivers his weather report.


JeromeProphet said...

Maybe you could start an umbrella giveaway?

Speaking of umbrellas, I have a story I want to share on your blog.

An old buddy of mine told me of a story in which he ended up sitting next to Gus Gordon at the Muni.

For those of you reading this blog, and who don't know who Gus Gordon is, please surf to the website. He's the Chief Meteorologist for that television station - located in Springfield, Illinois.

Gus Gordon has also contributed his expertise in acting, and singing in various productions at The Springfield Municipal Opera. The Muni, as it's known locally has an outdoor amphitheatre.

On this occassion, Gus was a member of the audience - not on stage.

My buddy recalled that prior to driving out to the Muni, he had "checked out the sky", and "felt" that it might rain, and so he took an umbrella along with him.

He brought the umbrella out of his car, and ended up sitting next to Gus Gordon.

It promptly began to rain.

My friend popped open his umbrella, and noticed that Gus was getting soaked. Poor Gus it seems was unprepared for the sudden downpour.

Never one to pass up a good dig, my friend looked over at Gus, and said, "Well, I guess you didn't check out the forecast?".

Gus gave him a hateful look.

An amusing "beat the weather person at their own game" story, which always comes to mind every time I see Gus giving the latest weather forecast.

JeromeProphet said...

I want to change just one word on my prior posting. I use the word "hateful" to describe the look that Gus gave my buddy.

Actually, I should have used the word "dreadful", as I don't want to suggest that Gus was filled with hate at that moment.

Under the circumstances though I can see where an average person might be filled with dread.

I liked my comment so much I posted on my blog.

Dan M. said...

I expected to see many more responses to your blog based on Bakke's mention of it in his article. What does the lack of responses mean? Nobody reads Bakke? Nobody cares? Or nobody knows what the hell a blog is and quite frankly, are scared as hell of the word. "Quick kids run, here comes the blog!"