Monday, June 27, 2005

Lucy in the Sky with Donna

I don't know if Jim Leach caught the Simpson's Sunday night, but it would have provided him an interesting question for his guest from Denney Jewelers this morning. The fictional Springfield legalized gay marriage in order to realize an influx of tourism dollars from an under served niche of the population. Homer downloaded a divinity degree from an online diploma mill and then cleaned up presiding over same-sex nuptials.

Listening to Leach's interview, I was given to wonder if the diamond or gemology industry lobbies for the passage of legislation legalizing gay marriage or civil unions. It would seem to be in their best interest to do so. I'm not sure of the etiquette involved in such things, but if their were two brides, wouldn't they both want big rocks? Even if that isn't the case, jewelers would still sell more wedding bands as the market grows. And should the worst fears of those who foresee a slippery slope to the gay marriage issue come to pass, there will be boom in demand for diamond studded dog collars as people are free to marry their pets. Society's cultural demise will be money in the jeweler's pocket.

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Tom Goodwin, G.G. said...

Actually, the diamond and "gemology" industries are more concerned with legislation regarding the "Kimberly Process," and "Responsible Gold."
Personally, I leave the moral issues of marriage and the like to the clergy and ethicists.