Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Update: Red Hats not pleased with fair hospitality, vow revenge

I thought things had been eerily peaceful on the Red Hat Front. As was pointed out by Nancy in the comments section, the political arm of the Red Hat Society is waging a public relations attack against the Illinois State Fair for a perceived lack of respect shown to its members. You can check the letters-to-the-editor section of today’s SJ-R to hear their complaints. Apparently somebody forgot to kiss their rings as they passed through the Main Gate.

I wouldn’t want to be in state fair manager Amy Bliefnick’s shoes right now. And I especially wouldn’t want to be in the cement shoes that she will soon be fitted with courtesy of the RHS’s militant wing. DNR might want to drain the ponds in Conservation World because someone is liable to sleep with the fishes over this one. I heard a rumour that the last time the Red Hatters had a less than splendid time at the fair, the governor woke up to find the decapitated head of the butter cow in his bed. These gals are ruthless. Let’s be careful out there people.

PS: If you’re a punk rocker, the Red Hats don’t like your kind. Read the comments to the previous post for fair warning.

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