Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Moral Nihilism: Why can't they just leave that nice Mr. Karr alone?

I know that some lawyers will go to great lengths, at times it seems to any length, to defend their clients. I know that this good for our judicial system and that half-hearted representation has led to some innocent people being locked up. But once a case is decided or charges are dismissed, a lawyer has to know when to cut their ties, especially when their client is as loathsome as John Mark Karr.

Seth Temin is apparently trying strike it rich by being the attorney to the pervs. Why else would he issue this statement after the case against Karr was dropped:

“We’re deeply distressed by the fact that they took this man and dragged him here from Bangkok, Thailand, with no forensic evidence confirming the allegations against him.”

Deeply distressed? Well oh my goodness. I hope Mr. Temin will sleep more restfully when Karr is back in Bangkok trading in kiddy flesh. Maybe Karr will send him a postcard of the little girl he purchased at a flee market and Temin can feel proud all over again that he helped a wrongly accused man return to a life of normalcy. Miscreants.

If someone wants to claim that that this was shoddy DA work and a waste of taxpayer’s money, maybe you could make that case. But to suggest that the pedophile Karr was unfairly implicated or should never have been inconvenienced by being arrested is an affront to a civilized society.

Falsely confessing to raping and killing a child is almost as twisted as actually doing it. How could you not investigate this vermin further? I know that you can’t prosecute someone for their lurid fantasies, but if ever an exception could be made, Karr’s as good a candidate as you’ll find.

There’s also the matter of pending charges in California for child pornography, although Temin probably sees that as just a nuisance issue, like outstanding parking tickets.

Karr is obviously sick. His sickness threatens the well-being of children so he should be quarantined with individuals to whom he poses no threat. Perhaps a special wing could be set up in one of our maximum security prisons to house violent inmates who also happen to be the fathers of young daughters. That would make a good home for Karr. And maybe his pal Temin could visit on the weekends, if he isn’t too distressed.

*This could be a mid-season replacement on ABC if Aaron Sorkin's new drama tanks.


Dr DOriginality said...

Mister Naumovich.
I read your uninformed, neoconservative opinion on this blog and wanted to let you know that it is people like you Mr. Temin is trying to protect us from. Clearly your information comes soley from the media representation of Mr Karr and Mr Temin’s comments. I have know Mr. Temin for over 25 years and have never in my life met a more principled, caring and honest person. I in no way condone child exploitation or abuse but I also do not convict based on media allegations. If this were true I could start a smear campaign against you and have you behind bars in a matter of a few months. Evidence or ample justification never seem to matter to armchair philosophers who, in the comfort of their middle class suburban communities condemn from the pulpit of their armchair equipped with no more facts than what spews forth from their big screen television and high speed cable internet. It is the closet perverts such as yourself who cry out in righteous indignation at the alleged acts of others having only a CSI Miami legal education. I left Illinois a long time ago because of idiots like you Mr. Naumovich. I see things haven’t changed.

BlogFreeSpringfield said...
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BlogFreeSpringfield said...

Wow. I’ve never been called a neoconservative before. Possibly it’s because people who normally comment on this blog are intelligent enough to know what a neoconservative is and that I don’t fit that mold. That’s okay though because I also get called a liberal a lot, but that doesn’t exactly fit either. I guess you could say that I'm a libertarian, but I support smoking bans, so they won't have me either.

You’re right that my information comes from media accounts. Did Mr. Temin not say that he was “deeply distressed” that Karr was extradited? It seems a strange thing to get distressed about since he did confess to the crime, however dubious his confession may have been. I don’t know, maybe you and your friends are always joking around about drinking kids’ blood so you don’t thing anything of it, but that kind of raises a red flag for a lot of people, even my liberal friends.

I never said that Karr should be convicted for the Ramsey case, nor did I say that he didn’t deserve legal representation. But he is a sick man who obviously needs to be physically kept away from children. Maybe he could stay at your house. What do you think?

Perhaps I was too rash in my judgement of Mr. Temin, good thing you’re above that sort of thing, huh? I don’t know what to make of your prejudice of technology, but I can assure you that I have a measly 27” television and I’m still on a dial-up connection. I’ve never seen CSI either. I also don’t drive an SUV or eat at Hooter’s, if that’s what you’re thinking.

As for “closet pervert”, I’ll just chalk that up to your having gotten yourself all worked up and resorting to name calling.

By the way, where do live where there are no idiots? Were they all pissed off when you moved there? And are you a real doctor or are you just playing make-believe?

Thanks for commenting,

monkey boy said...

Dr. Doriginality must be a psycho pervert, child molester too. Notice he said, "protect us."

Listen up jackass! Frequently the press gets the story wrong, but rarely does it get the ENTIRE story wrong. I don't need to go to Los Angeles to know that it is a big city. I also don't need to personally meet Karr to know that he is a freak. By virtue of him being arrested for raping and killing a child, having the charges dropped, but then having to answer to kiddie-porn charges in California gives us "hicks" a tip that there might be some problems with Karr. Temin is an idiot for publicly gushing over what a great guy Karr when the rest of the free world can see the muck dripping out of his disgusting pores. Fire gives off smoke.

Get over yourself Doc!

Anonymous said...

Who are you people?

I shouldn't be posting, because the level of conversation is so low.

Did you see Seth Temin do an interviews during this entire fiasco? Did you see him on CNN, FoxNews, NBC, or any other station? No, you didn't. Because he didn't accept those interview requests. He said two lines at the end of this event. Those two lines likely represented enormous frustration at how the entire case was handled. Consider the circumstances. Other's did.

Seth Temin has enormous integrity. He's a public defender, not a supporter of child molesters. Don't judge a person by a single statement made over a very complex situation. And do not accuse him of grandstanding. That is outrageous. And be careful where you tread. Slander results in liability.

BlogFreeSpringfield said...


Who are you?

Do you really think that Karr shouldn't have been arrested given his statement

You're right, I shouldn't have judged Mr. Temin so harshly. But as a father of young children, I just can't understand how anyone could be distressed that Karr was arrested after he claimed to have murdered a child, who claimed to have had sex with her, and who claimed to have tasted her blood. This wasn't exactly a witch hunt.

Thanks for commenting, whovever you are.

Dave H said...

Maybe I'm giving Boulder authorities more credit than they deserve, but I would hope that if they didn't really think they had a was an opportunity to save a few kids in Thailand from Karr's predatory personality and then ultimately bring him to justice in the California case

Nancy said...


You advise Mr. Naumovich (we all know and love him as Dan) to not judge Mr. Termin's statements made during a very complex situation, yet send him (Dan) a fairly strict warning that he, himelf should take caution against slander????? Mr. Termin is free to make public judgments about Mr. Karr, but blogfreespringfield cannot do the same of Mr. Termin? And I know Dan already commented on the irony of your "who are you people" statement posted under your "anonymous" username, but puh-leez!! You're lobbing these lame pitches right at us.

UMRBlog said...


Sounds to me like Mr. Temin just did his job and made a few postgame comments. I'm a prosecutor but greatly respect skilled, committed defense counsel. I have a friend in a Western State who does nothing but defend rape cases. She's not pro-rape. She just understands what Jefferson said so well "Only when the least of us have rights will we all enjoy those rights."

Thanks for the topic is an excellent prism to view the difficult topic of the role of defense counsel.

BTW, I think Dr. doriginality is off base with the "closet pervert" remark. He weakens a couple of otherwise good points with supposition and personal invective.

Anonymous said...

"principled, caring and honest person" I don't think you really know this guy. Try self absorbent, ego driven, non empathetic ass. I won't go into details but I have been in the courtroom with this jerk and he makes self centered comments that even make the judge look at him waiting for an apology that doesn't happen. I agree in order for the system to work we need effective counsel for defendants but I have to say this guy appears to enjoy representing the scum of the earth and has no concern for their victims.