Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Saputo's Smoked Linguine

A place such as Saputo’s probably doesn’t worry too much about public relations. As long as the quality of food and service doesn’t slip, their strong name recognition and loyal base of regulars will keep their tables full. Even still, it’s hard to imagine that the SJ-R article on the proposed bill that would allow municipalities to ban smoking in restaurants didn’t paint a negative picture of the restaurant in the minds of some readers.

Saputo’s owner is quoted in the article as being against a ban. He mentions that 80 percent of his employees smoke (little problem with employees concerned with secondhand smoke) and that the ventilation system is effective in circulating the smoke away from customers. Unfortunately, his comments appear after one of his bartenders is quoted as saying that “I feel like I'm going to pass out” in reference to excessive cigar smoke in the restaurant, a sentiment that doesn’t put one in the mood for a bowl of pasta primavera.

From a PR standpoint, it’s never good for a business when an employee and management disagree in a news story. A good reporter will always look for such discrepancies and won’t fail to include them in their story. In this case, the owner seems a bit disingenuous in his remarks. It’s clearly his right to allow smoking in his restaurant, but it does result in a smoky restaurant. And that’s the impression that some readers surely gained from reading the article.


Dan M. said...

He is also a smug jackass who had a thriving business handed to him by his grandparents and parents. He hasn't had to work a day in his life. What an ass! He is trying to get into politics by starting on the SMMEA(?)Board. What a great politician he will make! "I know it is good for the public but what's in it for me?"

Anonymous said...

As long as the quality of food and service doesn’t that IS funny.