Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I Voted For the Governor Before I Voted Against Him

WMAY’s Mike Wilson was talking about comments that Dick Durbin made yesterday in response to a question that asked if the Senator would be endorsing Blagojevich for reelection. The SJ-R covered his response in a story today. I have to agree with Wilson’s take that there isn’t much of a story here in that Durbin gave the only possible response he could of or could have been expected to give – that is to give tacit approval of the governor by talking about the difficulty of the job while acknowledging that the election field is still unsettled. Durbin can still go either way depending on how the various corruption charges and the Democratic primary candidates shake out. Ask that same question in about six months and I think his response will be a lot more telling.

Folks over at the Capitol Fax blog, however, seem to read more in to Durbin comments than I did.

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