Tuesday, May 17, 2005

It's a Man's World in the Governor's Office

Look no further than Mike Ramsey's frontpage article in the SJ-R for evidence of the adversarial relationship between the governor and the press. If a more humble and congenial pol had let slip with the unfortunate phrase "testicular virility", reporters may have very well ignored it and would have certainly not included it in the lede as it appeared in this story. But Blagojevich is not congenial and the phrase wasn't a slip of the tongue, but rather a deliberate attempt to make the gov seem . . . something. So Ramsey gave the ridiculous phrase top billing to let the governor bask in the embarrassment.

The kingmakers behind the governor's reign try to cast him as too average to be a slick government insider by having him recount publicly how he tanked the ACT and his undistinquished performance in law school. But they counteract the "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" routine by feeding the governor obscure quotes and unusual phrases to reveal his inner Renaissance man. It all shows how the business of running the state takes a back seat to the dog and pony show that is the Blagojevich administration.

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Dan said...

Yeah, what he said man. You are the most righteous dude, dude.