Friday, June 23, 2006

Off the Treadmill

Regular readers to this blog may have noticed that the weekly “From the Treadmill” feature that normally ran once or twice a month has not appeared in some time. No one has complained about its absence or anything, but an explanation is still in order.

For the past two years I’ve conducted my cardio training exclusively on an elliptical machine during which time I would view and review movies. Although it was always time well spent, I’ve recently been experiencing diminishing returns weight-loss wise from my 40-minute sessions, so I’ve taken up jogging again. I could describe to you the route I take three mornings a week, but that would be even more boring than my movie reviews, especially since Amanda Peet doesn’t live on my block.

I do plan on rewatching “Stranger than Paradise” this weekend, but being that it is a classic in minimalist filmmaking, I’m not sure that I’m up to describing its comedic nuances and subtle brilliance in blog form.

So “From the Treadmill” will be appearing even less frequently than before. Not that any of you ever went out and watched any of the films anyway. In fact, you probably stopped reading this post as soon as you got to the word “treadmill” in the title so I’m basically writing to myself here. It’s rather peaceful, really. Sort of like when I’m out running at dawn. I could probably make a really stupid grammar error and Jeff wouldn’t even notice.

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The 26th Man said...

Dan said: I could probably make a really stupid grammar error and Jeff wouldn’t even notice.

I've been good lately about not leaving grammar or spelling or punctuation corrections in the comments. But if you're going to call me out like that, I may have to bust out the red pen again.

Metaphorically speaking, of course.