Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Beer and a Movie

What better way to unwind after a long holiday weekend than by taking in a heartwarming tale of an innocent young sprite who helps a disillusioned assassin rediscover the joy of racking up a body count. The Movie Geek’s Club will be showing Leon (The Professional) at 7:30 this evening at the Capital City Bar and Grill. The movie stars Jean Reno as Leon and a too-young-to-ogle Natalie Portman as Mathilda. All the cool people will be there and you should too.


John said...


You just scored one free beer, my friend. Thanks!

M.B. said...

I saw that movie years ago. Wasn't very impressed then. How did you like it?

Anonymous said...

MB did you really see that movie?--I'm not convinced!

BlogFreeSpringfield said...


I did enjoy it, even though shoot-'em-up films aren't my favorite genre. I'd seen the last half hour of the film about three times previously on TV and thus never knew why Leon was a sympathetic figure until seeing the whole thing.

I suppose that by having the hero mowing down police officers in defense of a young girl that the film might be saying that all cops are as corrupt as Oldman's character, but that would be nitpicking.

I thought that the acting was great all around. Gary Oldman chewed a bit of the scenery, but I don't really mind when a good actor plays it over the top.


Why do you doubt that M.B. has seen the movie? Do you suspect he has a cultural bias against European films?

Thanks for commenting,