Monday, May 21, 2007

After the Paint Dries

One of things I looked forward to when I started writing for the newspaper is getting to write one of those column’s in which I respond to readers’ comments or questions. Unfortunately, I don’t get enough response to do a full-blown, readers’ mail column. I do, however, have one reader who has taken the time to respond to my last column by posting a comment on the SJ-R’s Web site and so I’ll use this space to respond to her kind words.

Congratulations. This is even more boring than the typical Bakke column.

Thanks for the kudos Daphne. I consider it high praise indeed to be mentioned in the same class as a seasoned professional such as Mr. Bakke, who has been boring people for a lot longer than I. Now that I’ve been at this column writing thing for over a year now I have to admit, it’s a lot harder than it looks.

It really is quite difficult to avoid topics of interest and I find myself racking my brain each month in search of the superficial and the tedious. But you know what, every time the muse of the mundane fails to visit and I think I might have to settle for writing something meaningful, I’m suddenly hit by inspiration. It never fails. And before you know it I’ll have scribbled off 630 words of pointless blather that I get to share with totally disinterested readers such as yourself. It’s a gift, and one for which I’m very grateful.

I should also say that it helps to know that there are readers out there who actually get it. Sometimes when I’m in the middle of writing another ennui-inducing column, I’ll stop and say to myself: “What’s the point? Am I actually even boring anyone or am I just kidding myself here?” I guess it’s part of the lonely life of the writer that you never get to hear the yawns.

Oh well, I better sign off. I just proofread what I wrote here and I’m starting to get sleepy.

Keep reading and I’ll keep boring the pants off you,

P.S. If there are any topics that you find particularly tiresome, drop me a line and I’ll see if I can work them into a future column.


Anonymous Communist said...

Congratulations. This is even more boring than the typical Anonymous Communist post.

Robert Reed said...

Daphne in Russian means, "she who pukes and is skinny." How crazy is that?

brunettechicagogal said...

There's a hater in every crowd.

For what it's worth, everyone I know in Springfield who reads your column (including me, when I happen to remind myself to read the SJ-R) says you're a great writer and quite entertaining.

Yellowdog said...

Well Dan keep your chin up and keep writing. Not everyone can be a Bill Shakespear.

I like seeing your face in the paper from time to time so that I can say I knew him when.

I remember when this guy couldnt even bus a ladies card table without spilling a water glass on a rich snob. Boy those were the days.

Maybe a column on all the ridiculous jobs one may have to deal with in life just to pay the bills and work towards a real career. Ive certainly done my share.

Or better yet, the ridiculous people weve encountered at those jobs. Thats enough to fill a book with some charectors Ive known, and still do.

Dave said...

Ey, Daphne, I gots your boring right here.

BlogFreeSpringfield said...

Thanks for your votes of confidence. I thought her comment was kind of funny and even thought it might be fun to interview her for a future column, provided she had a good sense of humor about it. I’m fine with her not liking my writing, but if it turns out her disdain runs deeper, it could be kind of uncomfortable.

Thanks for commenting,

chazz said...

I never read the SJ-R, don't really care to as a matter of fact. Who the hell is Bakke anyway? Daphne has issues; BlogFree you are doing a fine job, at least here on your site. Keep up the good work.

In the mean time, I'm going to go read the STL Post Dispatch and then grab a little nap.


nancy said...


Your Sunday column really resonated with me as it was only in the last few years that I was able to convince Rob to be rid of his color block cardigan sweaters and put down the hair gel (Put down the hair gel and nobody has to get hurt). I kid you not. Well, I kid you a little. Now he sports a hipster dufus look that we're all much more comfortable with .

Daphne must've suffered enui to the point of agony to be compelled to share her thoughts with you. I know that an open letter to her would bore me to tears, so why don't you get going with that?

Anonymous said...

I think Daphne reads the SJ-R for the same reasons I do......porno.

She is right. Compared to brazen full frontal nudity, your column is boring. I suggest that you spice it up with a few nasty words and some classy pictures ripped from the pages of "Juggs."

Just a thought.