Sunday, October 28, 2007

Stuff I can comment on because I have a blog but is otherwise unremarkable.

Dining Out
Thanks for all of the dining suggestions. We ended up at D'Arcy's, just as I hoped we would. My wife didn't want to go there because the last time her parents were in town, we waited over an hour for a table at Springfield's favorite Irishesque pub. With four kids in tow, this was not an easy wait. This time, we had a table in under 30 minutes. The roast beef ponyshoe and pint of Guinness were divine. And two of my favorite BFS commentors were bellied up to the bar.

Andrew Bujalski
If you like small movies (no car chases or actors you've heard of before), then take a rent on Funny Ha Ha and Mutual Appreciation. Both movies have lead characters that, after five minutes in, you'll swear that you'll despise. But get past that point, and you'll become captivated by their performances. It's really good stuff.

Sunday afternoons will often find us availing ourselves of Springfield's finest parks. We'll usually hit two or three, mastering the monkey bars at one before looking for a faster slide at another. Three or four hours later, we're ready for refreshment. The problem is, while the kids are craving a big scoop of ice cream, my wife and I are more in the mood for a pint and some chips and salsa. What's a family to do? Of course, you get the kids their ice cream and deprive yourself of a frosty ale. But why should that be?

If someone really wanted to take over the ice cream parlor market in this country, they'd add 31 craft beers to their selection. It amazes me that no one has adopted this business model yet.

Goodwill Hunting
I went to the Goodwill store last week to look for potential Halloween costumes for the kids. This in itself is a cause of discomfort because clothing that I might find scary or funny, some other parent might think is perfect for class picture day. I'm not above poking fun of people's fashion choices, but not when it comes to kids.

After coming up empty on potential costumes, I decided to browse through the men's clothing. There, among the flannels and other plaid clothing, was a rather hip-looking striped oxford from the Gap company. It was my size and in good condition. It was priced to move at $3.75. I walked out of the store with only the shirt on my back.

So I ask you, should a person of means feel guilty, as I did, of availing themselves of the affordable clothing at Goodwill? Can you partake of government cheese when your dairy crisper is well-stocked with Kraft Singles?


Henny Penny said...

In Normal, Emack & Bolio's is connected to the NV Ultralounge and you can order ice cream in the bar and drinks in the ice cream parlor. Especially nice after a trip the to Discovery CHildren's Museum half a block west.

nancy said...


You should have gone for the shirt!!!There's no shame in that game.

I found it funny and a little bit ironic (in an Alanis Morrisette kind of way,... as in not really ironic), that after having managed to keep my big trap shut throughout the whole "Where should we eat" post, as Rock Rob and I were walking in to D'Arcy's, I wondered aloud where you and yours had ended up. Oh! Right there!

Ours was a good meal as well, although I was disappointed that they have already discontinued Sam Adams Octoberfest (yum, and a nice follow up to Summer Ale) with its Winter Lager (gag!). Rob traded me his Harp which was much better.

Did the tooth fairy show up for Tessie?

BlogFreeSpringfield said...


I agree with you on the Sam Adams seasonals, Oktoberfest is a much better brew than the winter concoction. I still think that the Boston Ale is their best, but that's hard to find on tap in these parts.

Tessie did rake it in after losing two teeth on Friday. After losing the first one, she called me at work and asked me to call grandpa so he could mail her a dollar. I told her that would be a bit forward. Fortunately for her, we ended up seeing grandpa and Uncle Tom at Cracker Barrel on Sunday morning and they both saved the cost of a stamp by paying her off in person.


Foster Brooks said...

Alcohol and ice cream?

Might be a bit confusing when you order the ripple.

David said...

I dunno bout the govt cheese but I do know that just about every t-shirt I own that didnt come from the IL state fair came from Goodwill or the Salvation Army.

I try to check out the shirt rack about everytime I'm home. Nothing like getting a vintage '80s Bears shirt for 2 dollars when it'd cost $40 in New York's vintage stores for ironic hipsters.

russ said...

They still have the Octoberfest in the cooler at Friar Tuck's. Unless, I got the last 6.

I still think the Summer Ale is the best.

nancy said...


Thanks for the tip about S.A. Octoberfest. I agree, the Summer Ale is my favorite too.

brunettechicagogal said...

RE: your last question -- urban folk do that all the time. The euphemism we use is "consignment shopping." Besides, the proceeds of your purchase go toward the needy, so you're making a charitable contribution and adding to your wardrobe.

Anonymous said...

Recently we had dinner at the neighbors and our hosts served Grand Marnier over vanilla ice cream. Yum!

UMRBlog said...

If they didn't want customers of means who can buy their stuff to come, they wouldn't have opened a store.

Clear your conscience. You're recycling, reducing your carbon footprint and probably slowing down vietnamese child labor abuses.

Continued Success. Good Stuff.