Sunday, August 05, 2007

Don't Blog Around Much, Anymore

I got nothing. You?


Russ said...

It's about time you did a Duke Ellington post!

Also...I like turtles.

nancy said...

Yeah...have you caught any "Flight of the Conchords", featuring New Zealand hotties Jemaine and Brett? It's on HBO Sunday nights. Rock Rob can fill you in all next week when you're standing in 100+ degree heat all day.

(Incidentally, "hottie" is of course a subjective term. Empirically speaking, neither of them is probably considered classicly hot.)

Laura said...

Are you going to weigh in on the fiasco that is our state government's budget process? Can we just go ahead and accept as fact that Rod is clinically insane?

And I expected something from you on Sunday's report in the SJ-R regarding the statistics on internal affairs complaints at the SPD. Thought it might be fun to see what kind of responses that would generate.

And being that you are a PR guy and a sports enthusiast, answer the question SI has been mulling over - who has the biggest PR problem right now:
a) Baseball - Barry Bonds cheating his way to the greatest sports record in history

b) Football - Michael Vick's going to jail

c) Basketball - gambling referee

Ok - now get busy!

nancy said...

Oh...stuff like that!

All of Laura's suggestions look good. I'd love to see you address any of those issues (but I'll politely bow out of any SPD debate).

Colonel Jessup said...

On the issue of Blago.

I wonder if the Democrats in the audience feel as bad about voting in Blago as I did George Ryan.

The only difference is that it was plainly obvious that Blago was a crooked, arrogant, piece of garbage BEFORE they decided to elect him to another term. Where is the shame? Albeit some of it is political posturing, but it says a lot that fellow Democrats in office are some of his most vocal critics.

Defies logic.

nancy said...

I'm a Democrat in the audience, however, I most certainly DID NOT vote Blags back into office. I think he sucks, but I feel no guilt for his re-election. (Nor do I feel guilt for not voting for J.B. Topinka)

Furthermore, in a rare case of (I think) NON-political posturing, I think Democratic members of the legislature really do hate him too. He's non-partisan hate-able.

Yellowdog said...

I have to agree with Nancy. I too swing to the left and consider myself a demacrat. On the other hand, there werent many choices for gov in the last round. I did not like Judy B. We just dont have choices.

I think the best choice we as demacrats has was Glen Poshard a few years ago but we got stuck with King George. And speaking of that Jag, why isnt he in jail?

I totaly believe in the candidate, not the party. How about a grass roots projects to get rid of the primary system as we know it. No more selection of parties but electing the person more honerable of the job.

I love Larry Bomke but most often cant vote for him in a primary. What is the use of that? More often thatn not, I leave a ballot for the demacratic party blank than vote a straight ticket. Straight ticketers are morons!

OK Ive said enough

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, let's see here,

1) Vote for a guy you know is a criminal or throw your vote away on a third party candidate you know has zero chance of winning, or

2) Vote for a political hack who has a 50/50 chance of being a good Governor.

Easy choice.

Chazz said...

Guys, there's the problem.....

You're Democrats!

Keep up the good work BlogFree...

Go Irish!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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