Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Take the AnComm Challenge

Over at the Anonymous Communist blog, people are baring their souls and revealing the guilty pleasures that reside in their music collections. It’s quite shameful what some of them bop their heads to when no one else is around. Nick Rogers? Really!

Anyway, I took the challenge and found it quite cathartic, despite the potential derision I might face now that my passive Bread fetish is on public record.

I encourage you to wash away your guilt by going there and confessing to your most sordid musical dalliances. The truth will set you free. Unless, of course, you have a secret crush on the Winger discography, in which case you’ll be mercilessly and rightfully ridiculed.

1 comment:

Unpainted Huffhines said...

Most of my songs are not in the regular rotation for head-bopping. But they are available for whenever the mood would strike. Still guilty, but more like musical misdemeanors than felonies.