Thursday, December 28, 2006


I thought about penning a year-in-review column, but anyone can rehash history. Instead I’ve chosen to portend the feature, using the keen insight I’ve developed as a blogger.

Attorney Courtney Cox greets the New Year by filing two new lawsuits against the Springfield Police Department, pending allegations of some sort.

After early polls show him to be a lock for reelection, Mayor Tim “Dear Leader” Davlin issues a proclamation demanding that all campaign contributions be accompanied by panegyrical poems or songs written in his honor. The odes are read by Todd Renfrow in a weekly simulcast that preempts A.M Springfield and the Jim Leach Show.

IKEA releases plans to build a 200,000 sq.-ft. factory outlet store in the middle of the Cobblestone subdivision, displacing dozens of homes. Neighbors, including those forced to relocate, welcome the move, hailing the development as a boon to economic progress that will provide a much-needed boost to neighborhood traffic.

Hundreds of non-smokers “Pick-up the Habit” in the name of freedom and in deviance of the local oxygen Nazis. In related news, residents of Jerome enjoy a sunless summer as the smog emanating from the Barrel Head enshrouds the village.

In a case of art imitating life, a front page story reports on an SHG student who commandeered and disarmed a runaway bus that was rigged to explode if its speed dropped below 50 mph, thus saving the lives of a terrified and ethnically diverse group of commuters. Commenters on the SJ-R’s Web site complain that the story isn’t newsworthy and is just another example of how the private school has a stranglehold on the local media. Others assert that the student was recruited to the school for the sole purpose of performing Hollywood-grade rescues, and that he never had to pay tuition or attend class.

The Illinois Times discontinues Jim Hightower’s column and replaces it with “The View from the Canopy”, a weekly tirade from someone calling himself Monkey Boy.

After further tightening its grip on the underground canasta racket, the Red Hat Society muscles-in on local craft bazaars, demanding protection money and a taste of the action. Knitters of decorative lawn geese clothing are left shaken.

Frightened by an early rush of ticket sales, state fair management cancels a scheduled appearance by John Mellencamp and replaces him on the bill with fair-friendly Montgomery-Gentry, assuring that no crowd control expenses will be incurred.

Ex-aldermen Redpath, McNeil and Yeager form a dissident coalition and attempt to overthrow city government. Their coup is thwarted by Dear Leader’s newly-formed royal guard. The three are exiled to Grandview where they resort to blogging about the city’s inept government. They finish second in the IT’s Best Blogger category, barely losing out to . . .


Randy said...

All I can say is, Wow! But you left off the prediction that Photos-Etc wins for best Photoblog. :)

Dave said...

You win next year? What accident befalls Rich Miller?

I think an SHG blogger will win. I hear they are actively recruiting Kos, Atrios and Instapundit for a colaberative blog to be moderated by Sam Madonia. Blog cheaters!

BlogFreeSpringfield said...


Thanks and sorry for the omission.


I wasn't predicting a victory for BFS. I purposely left that one open. I have a feeling that a dark horse will emerge to claim the prize.

Thanks for commenting,

monkey boy said...

The IT couldn't afford me.

Neither financially, nor for self-preservation.

nancy said...

I just saw the Red Hats a couple of days ago walking west on Madison near the Pavillion.

What's up with that?

Anonymous said...

No mention of my being booted out of the IT?


BlogFreeSpringfield said...


Are you predicting that you'll be booted from the IT?


Duriel Harris said...


You forgot one prediction: that males from all over the country will flock to the Clearlake overpass to worship at the newly erected (no pun intended) billboard.

Wowsee wooo wooo, baby! Now that's a Cat Mama!

BlogFreeSpringfield said...


Thank you. I feel better now.

Help me, please,