Thursday, October 12, 2006

Burn Down the Mansion

Occasionally, although rarely, a college athletic program will become so rife with such violations as payments to recruits, no-show jobs for players, tutors completing class assignments and professors in bed with the coach, that it is considered recidivist. The level of corruption is so abhorrent and inherent that the university determines that a new coach or stricter restrictions won’t be enough to clean up the mess, so they pull the plug on the entire operation. We may have reached that point with the office of governor for the state of Illinois.

With our previous governor headed for prison and our current governor itching to join him, it could be that corruption is so ingrained in the governorship that even if someone as seemingly honest as Glen Poshard would have been elected, he too would have surrounded himself with money-grubbing backroom dealers and ethically-devoid spin doctors. So let’s burn down the mansion and try to make a go of it the ungubernatorially way.

This may upset the plans of Judy Barr Topinka and Rich Whitney, but probably not.

It appears obvious that Topinka doesn’t really want the job. As I recall, she took over the Republican Party leadership for a couple of years quite reluctantly, driven only by a sense of loyalty. Based on her half-hearted campaign for governor, it appears that duty inspired her to run, but nothing is inspiring her to win.

As for Whitney, he should know that he stands no chance in our restrictive two-party system and if he believes otherwise, he’s unfortunately too delusional to serve. We’ve already seen what delusions can do at the highest ranks of state government.

Abolishing the governorship will not cure the state’s most pressing ailments; we’re still headed for financial ruin and legislators will still be too cowardly to deal with it prudently. But it will save us further embarrassment and Patrick Fitzgerald will have more time to spend with his family.

Now, we’ll just need to decide what native son or daughter’s name will be on the highway signs welcoming travelers to Illinois. Jeff Tweedy? Joan Cusack? Cindy Crawford? Barack Obama? As long as it isn’t Oprah.


Anonymous said...

Say what you will, but I'm still voting for Rich Whitney, the best candidate in this race; and if everyone else does the same, then he will win.

Mick Shrimpton said...

Electing Blago twice is akin to Marion Berry's triumphant return to D.C.'s highest office. Hell, I would probably think more of Blago if I saw him smokin on a crack pipe. At least then he would have an excuse for being a dirtbag.

nancy said...

I'm looking for some creativity from our next governor. Not in terms of fixing the budget, ethics reform, health care or pension funding. Rather, I'd like to see some new, innovative ways of defaming the office. Pay-to-play, bribery, nepotism, blah, blah, blah....I'm over it. Give me something new.

Seriously though, I agree completely with Dan's assessment of both Hot Rod and JBT. Furthermore I think it's a crock that Whitney hasn't been invited to any meaningful public debates. The guy's dying to get his thoughts out while the two party candidates have been ducking and dodging every chance they get. I hope Whitney takes it.

BlogFreeSpringfield said...

It's looking more likely that I'll be joining Nancy and the anonymous campaign worker in pulling the lever for Whitney. My only other choices would be a write-in vote, probably for Marion Berry, or to skip the governor's contest in protest.

monkey boy said...

All I needed to hear was that Judy Barr wants to freeze property taxes in lieu of higher state sales tax. For anyone who wishes to "move up" and better their current housing situation in the future should pay heed to this proposal. Property taxes are down right punitive. She's got my vote. Of course I would vote for Marion, Hallie, or Straw Berry over Blago.

And for all you democrats out there who plan to vote for Blago (inspite of the fact that he will soon be going to prison) to get back at us republicans for voting for Ryan I have this to say; Were're sorry! We messed up! Please, don't do it!

Mansion View said...

take a look at the history of Illinois Govenor henry Horner, back in the 20s-30s - there is hope that honest, energetic candidates can be nominated, win, and be re-elected by the voters for that office. But the "downers" will keep good persons from running for public office, leaving persons to complain about what remains on the ballot as their choices.

Have we run our course on democracy? I for one hope not. Remember the old challenge - if you are not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.

BlogFreeSpringfield said...

Monkey Boy,

I agree with you on the property tax issue and am intrigued with the Hallie for governor endorsement.

Mansion View,

I admire your optimism, but it doesn't explain how Blago was able to beat Paul Vallas four years ago. I can only imagine how much better off we would be right now if the downstate democrats were as wise to Rod then as they are know.

Thanks for commenting,

Anonymous said...

According to the most recent Zogby poll, Rich Whitney is now registering in the double digits!

"Three-way matchup includes 11.3% for Rich Whitney (G)"

47.1% Blagojevich
33.2% Topinka
11.3% Whitney

Anonymous said...

Every vote for Whitney is a vote for Blagojevich.