Thursday, December 08, 2005

We'll be right back, after this.

Postings have been light this week; a freelance assignment has cut into my BlogFree-time.

You probably wouldn’t guess based on the rambling, often pointless blathering that I put on display here, but I have become quite adept at writing concise and poignant copy for marketing and PR purposes. I manage to eliminate the sarcasm, irony, and general smart ass-ity that I'm so naturally given to, while maintaining enough style to distinguish it from the jargon-laced piffle that too often passes for persuasive writing.

Yes, this is a sales pitch, in the off chance that someone reading this blog might want to avail themselves of my services. Ads, brochures, newsletters, sales letters, news releases, articles – if you need to communicate a message, I’m your scribe. I’m working on a Web site to promote this little freelance enterprise of mine, but in the meantime, I figured I’d take a timeout here for this brief commercial announcement.

I'll be back soon with a BFS column on the recent FCC recommendation that cable companies consider offering their channels a la carte. I generally agree with yesterday’s SJ-R editorial supporting the recommendation, but do see a downside. Forced to make it on their own, many of the lesser-viewed boutique channels that adorn our cable lineup would soon disappear from the spectrum, denying us our nightly viewing of Road House and effectively killing the post-One Day at a Time career of Valerie Bertinelli.

In consumer news, I’ll cast a critical eye towards the way local grocery stores arrange their wares in a report that will have absolutely no effect on how you shop for food in the future, but will allow me to air a few grievances.

Finally, I’ll tell you how the Red Hat Society is ruining Christmas for thousands of local and area children. You won’t want to miss this hard-hitting exposé. Coming soon to BlogFreeSpringfield.

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Anonymous said...

I may be interested in your services...I am near completion of my first book and probably will need a good PR person to get my book out there.