Monday, September 19, 2005

Clearing the Air

There’s a minor battle brewing in the comments section of a post I wrote on education. As a matter of clarification, I want to point out that I am not Dan M., one of the combatants. My comments appear under the singular “Dan”, no last initial. Dan M. is a real person, not a doppelganger that I created to incite upheaval among the more liberal visitors to this moderate blog. If that were the case, I would have been more clever in choosing a nom de guerre, cleverness being one of my virtues.

I mention this not to distance myself from the views of Dan M., or of any other commenter, nor do I endorse them. I stand by the views that I express and assume that everyone else can speak for themselves as well. All views are welcome. Civility is aspired to.

Without getting into the specific issue that has stirred up so much rancor, it is interesting to see how two people can interpret an issue from disparate points of view with each believing that theirs is based in reality while the opposite is the result of either subjugation to propaganda or a sheltered life. Saying that the truth lies somewhere in the middle is clichéd, but probably accurate in most cases.


Dan M. said...

Oh, good try Dan. Now go into the kitchen and get some of that pudding out of the refrigerator, we are hungry.

Dan M. said...

To clear up any confusion in the future I will now change my moniker.

Let it be known throughout the world that I, Dan M., will now be known as "Monkey Boy."

(I hope that doesn't offend any animal rights activists who see this as degrading to monkeys, although I know at least two people who think my comments are.)

Anonymous said...

Sorry monkey boy; I posted on the other thread before seeing this one.

La Lubu