Thursday, August 11, 2005

I Won't Be Ignored Dad*

Even though I’m a practicing carnivore and a firm believer in the food chain I still found this picture a bit disturbing. The silver platter on which the pedigreed hare was placed for judging at the fair doesn’t portend well for his future. While other best-in-show caliber species are at least given the opportunity to breed for a spell once their competitive days have past, this poor beast seems destined to appear as the featured ingredient in a dish of lapin a la moutarde. And sooner rather than later. I suppose the fact that it is competing in a class called “meat pen” should be indication enough of how the judges really view these furry little creatures, but still, for the kids’ sake, couldn’t the rabbits be presented for judging in a nice straw basket instead of on serving ware.

*From Fatal Attraction 3: Return of the Love Child

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