Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Inflicting Pane

Tomorrow morning on AM Springfield, some lucky caller will win a free replacement window for their home. I've always thought this was an odd prize for a radio giveaway. It's like raffling off a left breast augmentation, unless the winner decides to go all in and purchase the rest of the package, the prize is of dubious value.

Maybe that's not the best analogy, but it is apt. One free window kind of puts the winner on the hook for purchasing replacements for the rest of the house, plus the labor cost to boot, for it to have any value. Unless you're planning on replacing your windows anyway, I'm not sure that this is the kind of prize that unexpectedly makes your day.

Not that it isn't a generous offer from the sponsor, replacement windows usually start out at about $150. And it's certainly a more upright way to drum up business than tossing rocks through people's windows at night and making fortuitous sales calls in the morning. Still, I wonder how many winners actually claim their prize, or if they do, have it leaning against a wall in their garage.


Dan M. said...

I have not heard that ad yet. That is pathetic. I also find the radio station at fault for allowing such a scam to be broadcast over their air. What's next? Allowing the Khan brothers to sponsor "Swap & Shop"?

Anonymous said...

Well that is a scam for sure. I was to receive a window last year. The window was to be installed by Gabe's home improvement. He came out and took measurements of the window we wanted replaced for free. Of course he went through his sales pitch for the other windows and even took measurements.

We were renting at the time and he had no problem with it as the landlord gave approval fro the free window. We told him we just wanted the window so he said just have the landlod call to approve the window.

She called 6 times and talked to his secretary and Gabe never did call back. So I called him and he said you are a renter so you are not entitled to a window. Basically it was because we didn't want to buy more so he used that as an excuse because the landlord gave approval. I called the station mgr and he basically blew me off and said it was stated that only for homeowners, which I must say they did not state that at the time or else why would they send Gabe out and why would he go through all the trouble to measure and present his sales pitch? No it was about money. I almost went to the Attorney General's office but decided that word of mouth against the home improvement company and the station is better than battling for a window.

You know Madonia is a good person but that free window is nothing but to get you to buy more. Oh and if you do win and you are a renter....just say you own it and go about your business.